The lesser-frequented tranquil coastal Karnataka provides a once-in-a lifetime experience to avid birders with a feast of passerine and pelagic avifauna. While planning a trip for the December 2018 break, we zeroed in on coastal Karnataka

Belonging to the largest parasitoid superfamily Ichneumonoidea, the Ichneumon wasp feeds upon and kills their hosts to survive. The Ichneumonidae are parasitoid wasp family within the order Hymenoptera. In general, parasitoids kill their hosts of Coleoptera

Molting, or the process of shedding old and degenerated skin for a new one in insects and animals, is a way of regeneration. All insects have segmented bodies made up of many small sections. Insects

 Within a short span of time, plastic has become the number one polluter of our planet. It is high time we take adequate measures to combat this global menace. Invented in the late 19th century, plastic

With the World Environment Day behind us, do we stop thinking about our actions and its effects on the environment? Just a day of planting trees is not enough; we need to make a radical

Interesting snippets about animals, which will debunk some myths about wildlife. Let’s destroy some myths today! The male lion, as we know, is the leader of the entire pride. We know that he is lazy as he

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The Western Ghats is an ancient mountain range that runs along the west coast of India from