Shrouded by the mist, Habre’s Nest offers the chance to catch a glimpse of the shy and rather elusive Red Panda. Suddenly the lights dimmed, the temperature started to decrease; where there was clear weather with

The Red fox is arguably the most handsome of all canids, a creature whose adaptability has earned it a significant presence worldwide. We explore both sides of this beautiful coin, the reasons that it is

From the tallest animal to the smallest, once in a while a creature has to expose itself to it’s natural predators in order to survive. When creatures get attacked by predators, sometimesthey unknowingly put themselves in

Tete-e-tete with the famous John Shaw, a master nature photographer known for his precise compositions and soulful imagery. A true artist and master technician, John Shaw has been a professional nature photographer for over 30 years.

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