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Forget the butterflies, for when it comes to social networking, the ubiquitous ant leaves the rest far behind. On this assignment, we probe into the deeply complex and fascinating lives of weaver ants as observed on the Indo-Gangetic plain, whose sheer range of engineering, organising and communication skills has left our expedition team spell-bound

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A bill for the Spoons

Bangladesh is in turmoil. People are voicing their sentiments and taking to the streets. A Saevus photographer travels to this strife-torn country to capture a different battle- a battle for survival of the Spoon-billed Sandpiper, a rare shorebird that goes to great lengths from Russia to Bangladesh to exist in this planet.

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Leap Like A Langur

The verdant mountains of the Western Ghats are a home to several endemic plant and animal species, meaning they are found only in these forests and nowhere else in the world. Conspicuous among the mammals are the primates, that inhabit the lush forests and bring them alive. Of the five primate species that occur in these mountains, the Nilgiri langur (Semnopithecus johnii)...

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