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While submitting the entries, please mention the category name. The image/document must be named as (your name)_(image/article name).

We may not be able to acknowledge all the contributions individually. If your photos get selected, we will contact you for high resolution photos and discuss the terms of usage.

Do’s & Don’ts

  • Subjects have to be wild and image should have been made using ethical practices without harming the subject.
  • Initial submission of the image: jpg file with 900 pixels on the longer side, preferably prepared on a calibrated display with s-RGB colour profile tagged.
  • Should the participant win, he/ she will be asked for a higher resolution image right after winner announcement.
  • Image should be true to what you see in nature.
  • One person can submit upto 3 entries only.

Editing guidelines:

  • List 1: Allowed Edits: Sensor dust removal, colour correction, brightness, contrast correction, shadow/ highlight correction, cropping, sharpness, B&W conversion and toning, burning/ dodging.
  • List 2: Not allowed Digital Edits: Cloning, multiple out of context exposure blending and any other edits not instructed in List 1.
  • Photographer should have full copyrights to the image. If selected, raw files (or full resolution jpg/tiff file if the camera does not support raw) will be needed to verify the authenticity of the image.
  • You can add your copyright/watermark on the image if you wish to but it should not disturb the subject of the image.
  • Please only post an original photographs which is appropriate to the theme. Captioning photos with information on species, location etc is highly encouraged.


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