Youth4Clicks 2017 - Wildlife Photography Workshop
Sharing you some glimpse of Youth4Clicks 2017 contest

The fourth edition of the Youth​4clicks ​photography workshop, designed and funded by ​Hem Chand​ Mahindra ​F​oundation was conducted by Saevus magazine at K​an​ha National Park between 20th to 26th of ​M​arch 2017. This was a very special ​edition​ as it was only for women wildlife photographers aimed ​at empowering women ​towards taking up the challenging profession of wildlife photography​.The event had many special guests in Dr​.​ Asad Rahmani ​Ex-​Director of BNHS​, ​Mr​.​ Sanjay Shukla​,​ ​Fi​eld ​D​irector​, ​Kan​ha​​ National Park and guests from the Corbett foundation. ​The ​event was also attended by Mr Vinod the Mahindra and ​Mrs. ​Poonam Mahindra ​of Hem Chand ​Mahindra ​​Foundation. Eight participants were selected after a nationwide hunt and trained for six nights and seven days on the nuances of wildlife photography and the role wildlife ​photographers in taking conservation forward. They were mentored by renowned wildlife photograph​er​ Jayanth​ Sharma and noted environmental journalist ​Mrs. Arati Rao​. The workshop had a balanced mix of classroom​,​​f​ield and review sessions and the participants at the end of the workshop w​ere​ ready to start off an informed and responsible innings in the world of conservation. The winner of the workshop was Saumya Sharda K from Mangalore and the first runner-up was Rucha Kulkarni from Mumbai​. ​T​he winner and ​the ​runner-up were presented with trophies​,​ certificates​,​ subscriptions of ​Saevus​ magazine and copies of ​the​ coffee table book "​C​apturing wildlife moments in India"​, ​ written by Ashok Mahindra​.​ The event was hosted at Mo​g​ley resort near the K​hatiya Gate of ​Kanha​ National Park.

At the end of this edition, the programme has gifted 32 young wildlife photographers to the wildernesses of our country. We wish these participants the very best in their future endeavours in wildlife photography.

​Here are some moments from this unforgettable workshop.​..​


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