Odonatology- the study of odonates(dragonfly, damselfly, etc). Pankaj Koparde recounts his experience at the first ever meeting of Odonatology enthusiasts at the DragonflyIndia meeting of August 2014. In August 2014, DragonflyIndia organised its first ever meet

Remember the march of the elephants across jungles in JungleBook? In reality, Asian elephants are now frequently seen crossing highways and railroads, thus posing a grave threat to an already shrunken population. The roads of humans: We

Home to a herd of 400 Blackbuck, visit Vetnai, the less-frequented traveller’s haven for photography. I had heard about “Vetnai” from the manager of Godwitt Eco Cottage at Mangolajodi. It’s a small village in Ganjam district

Lush evergreen forests, tall canopied trees, the call of apes in the air, and sometimes, a surprise glimpse of the gentle giant elephants during their snack break – welcome to a misty morning at Hoollongapar

Continuing our coverage of state Trees and Flowers across the country, we bring you the flagship flora of Jharkhand. Jharkhand literally translates to ‘the land of the forests’. The state has amazing diversity in terms of

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Covering an area around five percent of India's land but with 27% of all species of higher

An entry to the #WeLoveSaevus video contest by Hardik Rathod

The Western Ghats is an ancient mountain range that runs along the west coast of India from